I paid the full price to stay at Dasi Guest House, and I would pay it again. The prices are reasonable for all their room sizes and I really enjoyed my 3-night stay. It’s very comfortable, but not fancy. Excellent service.

Ende Flores Indonesia airport

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Included in the Price

Dasi Guest House view Ende Flores Indonesia

Dasi Guest House is located in a residential area. Across the street is a radio station, in case you need to direct a driver.


  • Airport / bus station pick-up;
  • Wifi;
  • Breakfast;
  • Translate to ojek driver where to take you; and
  • Help setting up tours with driver.

Motorbike rental is at an additional cost.


Dasi Guest House has free airport and bus station pick-up and the driver is a cool English-speaking woman who is really helpful. So, don’t walk, even though it’s close enough to the airport. One guy walked, not realizing there was free pick-up and I met him very sweaty and tired. It’s hot in the afternoon!

The free Wifi worked pretty well most of the time I during my stay.

Breakfast is also included and is filling and decent. The buffet table has hot coffee and tea, Indonesian food of fried noodles or fried rice, white bread for toasting and a bit more.

Regular private rooms with bathrooms ensuite are available. I chose a private single room, though. Upon arrival, I discovered that my room was private in terms of security with a locking door. However, it’s not private in terms of sound. Luckily it was just a few of us sharing the space, so it was alright– most people were cognizant of quiet, lights-off, etc.

bedroom dorm Dasi Guest House Ende Flores Indonesia

A single room is very narrow. Regular rooms are a normal size and nicely furnished.

My room was a partitioned room within a huge metal-sided. The private spaces are separated by plywood walls nearly to the high ceiling. Inside is a bed, a bedside table, and electrical sockets. However, all the rooms share overhead lights. Also, noise travels, and one morning another tourist set their alarm clock for 5 am and then hit the snooze button about 5 times. I should have called out and told him or her to turn it off. That was the only negative.

The bathroom is shared and the showers and toilets are western styles. Unfortunately, space for personal items during a shower is very limited. A towel and toilet paper is provided but bring your own toiletries.

Dasi Guesthouse also rents motorbikes and will store luggage. So, feel free to ride to Mount Kelimutu and stay overnight at Waturaka Village in a homestay or in Moni at a hotel. There’s a beautiful eco-lodge as well as moderately priced hotels. Alternatively, you can do a daytrip to Mt. Kelimutu with a driver on a tour. Just ask at reception, and they’ll set you up.


Things To Do Nearby Dasi Guest House

An ojek (motorbike taxi for 1 passenger) is 5,000 to anywhere in Ende. Just let the reception office know where you’d like to go and they will translate to the driver for you.


Eating Near the Dasi Guest House

Ende Flores Indonesia where to eat halal food

I asked reception for a restaurant recommendation, but it was closed the first time I went and service took 10 minutes just to get a menu the second time. So, each night I walked from Dasi to a stand that appeared to be run by a family. Located on an empty lot of dirt and beaten down grass on the corner of a busy road, it’s not marked on Google Maps. The entire family cuts bananas, vegetables, and tofu and then fries it in huge pans filled with crackling oil. Four pieces of your choice for 5,000 seemed to be my slightly higher ‘tourist’ price, but I was still very pleased with the fried tofu stuffed with vegetables, red sauce, and chili peppers on the side. So delicious on a warm evening, I always finished while walking back to the guest house. Halal, vegetarian, delicious! I went both nights for dinner. Open 6 pm until 10, 11, or midnight whenever they decide to close. All outdoors for takeaway. No seating, drinks, or anything else.


Ende Market or Pasar

fish market Ende Flores Indonesia

One morning I visited the huge Ende market which stretches for innumerable blocks. Fresh fish is cleaned and sold in the wet market. Vegetables are sold under tarps blocking the hot sun. And, dry goods are sold in buildings. I even saw these items offloaded in tiny villages along the way to villages around Mt. Kelimutu, hours away.


Village Visit

Ende Flores Indonesia

One day I rented a motorbike and went into the hills to visit a village known for ikat, Ndona. I never found that village (I finally saw ikat cloth in Nggela, near Moni) and got hungry for lunch. Every place I passed asking about food for sale told me I had to return to Ende. So, when I saw a yard with lots of coconut husks I stopped and asked if I could eat lunch there– surely they had coconut to sell. It turned out that the family was really nice and fed me a huge meal of what I assume was their own lunchtime leftovers since it was ready in just a few minutes.

Ende Flores Indonesia village meal

This is only some of the food the family gave me for lunch. Their cute baby toddled around and we all had fun taking photos of and with each other. Rice, sauteed vegetable, meat, yucca, tea, and I did get an entire coconut for dessert. (They gave me one coconut and it was awful, but I politely sipped the water. They must have been trying to figure out how to take it away from me, and eventually just reached out and took it back. They brought me a second one, which was super delicious.)

It turned out that the hundreds of coconut shells in their yard were the waste product from their business of smoking the coconuts in what is the first step of making coconut oil. Their coconuts eventually go to a factory for more processing until it becomes an ingredient for all the lotions sold around the world!

After lunch and a tour of their production facility, i.e. a place in the backyard with a smoker and some cacao trees. Then, I continued another few kilometers to a village called Nouboshi and wandered around along with a troop of tween boys. If you care to go further, the road continues on. However, hanging out in Nouboshi is a treat. People are happy to have a visitor to chat with for a few minutes since not many come out to their home. Also, if you have a weird motorbike that doesn’t like starting up, they’ll find the guy who can get it started. If you need a snack, the snack shops sell chips and such.


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More photos of Ende, Flores

This was my favorite town on the island. All the tourists are in agreement that there are no tourist sights to see. However, there are fun roads to ride through the hills, good food, and so many friendly people. If you want to feel like a superstar with everyone calling out friendly greetings, Ende will be your happy place. It’s also a good place to get Indonesian language skills, as most people have minimal English skills.

Ende Flores beach and market

The beach just behind the market. People arriving by boat take a little boat onto the beach.

Ende Flores Indonesia cacao tree with boys

A few of the boys who accompanied me around their village. They’re in a cacao tree (think: chocolate!).

Ende Flores Indonesia village Cacao tree for chocolate

A cacao pod is about the size of 2 or 3 of my fists.

Ende Flores Indonesia market live chickens

Is she buying vegetables to go in her chicken soup?

Ende Flores Indonesia market chili pepper

The group of vendors in this little area invited me to sit down for a while. I was given mango and taught the words for all the vegetables in Indonesian. The little girl was totally in charge of weighing the goods, while her mom was in charge of the financial end of business.

Ende Flores Indonesia market fruit

Such a variety of fresh fruits! Being a tourist is tough sometimes– no kitchen for making and storing fruit salad.

Ende Flores Indonesia fish market with girl

Inspecting the fish selection.