I attended Girona’s main town fair for St. Narcis, on October 29, and highly recommend it. The fair lasts several days and includes everything from 9-story human towers to a late night Correfoc (fire parade) to football (soccer) games and concerts. Correfoc will DEFINITELY satisfy the above-average pyromaniac. Here is the schedule for 2017, which is similar each year.

Correfoc, the Fire Parade

How to Watch This Video of Correfoc. Click on full screen, plug in your headphones and boost the volume as high as possible for this video of Correfoc. It’s even louder in person!

Bring safety glasses and wear inflammable clothing for Correfoc. The fire parade is fantastic, and by far the most exciting parade I’ve ever attended. I cannot recommend the Girona Sant Narcis Festival more highly! Sensory overload to say the least as thousands of people follow the parade leaders through narrow Old Quarter streets until it suddenly opens up into a huge plaza for a concert and more fire.

Girona has a fantastic Old Quarter, including the fabulous Jewish section with a detailed museum of the 500 year history of Jews in Girona. Located just over an hour away from Barcelona, the city is a convenient and ready for exploration regardless if you come for the Girona Sant Narcis festival!

There are also plenty of castellers to cheer on at practice sessions and at the actual contest with hundreds of thousands of onlookers crammed into a small plaza.

Castellers practicing in Sant Feliu Plaza for Girona Sant Narcis contest.

Castellers practicing in Sant Feliu Plaza. The smallest kid goes to the top and waves an arm. He or she then immediately scurries back down to the ground.


How Long to Stay in Girona

Caller de moscas. Fly Street in Girona, dedicated to the town's mascot.

Fly Street in Girona, dedicated to the town’s mascot.

I recommend staying at least two nights (but 3 or 4 is better). This way there’s time for wandering the rest of the Old Quarter and its museums and historical places, as well as have time for wandering and relaxing. You’ll love discovering hidden places like the little street dedicated to the town mascot, The Fly.


What to do in Girona When Not Watching the Festival

Girona city wall in Spain

Walking the old City Wall on a cool fall morning.

City Wall Walk

The walk takes an hour or two, or more if you make a lot of stops at places like the John Lennon Gardens. I loved the guard tower area the most, since there a great view of the city and the wall itself.

A little bookmark for Pinterest

Girona Sant Narcis Festival. By LongestBusRides.com


Girona Game of Thrones Bridge

Girona was used as a site of Game of Thrones filming. The bridge used in filming is just near the cathedral, so when you do you Old Quarter walk, be sure to enter it into your Google Maps, so you don’t miss it. There’s no sign on the bridge and you wouldn’t know it’s famous if you don’t run into another tourist taking a selfie in front of it.


Where to Stay

I loved my Airbnb host, and there are tons of Airbnb’s in town. (Click here to sign up for Airbnb and get a credit toward your stay!) There are also a lot of hotels– check out the ones in the Old Quarter to be in the center of the action.


How to Get to Girona

Road and Train. It’s an easy drive by car, or bus. The Barcelona to Girona train drops you at the Girona train station, which is an easy walk to the Old Quarter. No matter which way you travel it’ll take just over 1 hour from Barcelona (BCN), unless you take the speed train. Public transportation runs regularly to Girona, as it’s a university city.

Flying. Also, RyanAir flies into Girona to serve people visiting Barcelona, so just stay in Girona for a while at the beginning or end of your trip to BCN.


More Photos of Girona

Girona river view of colorful buildings and the river.

View from one of the many bridges over the river separating the Old Quarter from the modern city.

Walking the old City Wall in Girona

Walking the old City Wall

Girona City Wall Garden with guitar player on a crisp fall morning.

Girona City Wall Garden

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