Nearly everyone has a camera. And, everyone takes photographs when traveling, whether around the corner or far from home. So, why isn’t everyone learning travel photography basics?

Is Learning Travel Photography Basics Too Difficult?

Phones and cameras have an immense amount of functionality. And, yet they arrive in a box with very little user-friendly guidance for brand new photographers, or even advanced photographers learning a new camera. I think a 1-on-1 tutorial would be helpful. Click here and answer a few questions to become eligible for a free 1-0n-1 tutorial.


Learning travel photography basics

San Francisco, California, USA

In the case of a phone, often no information is included. And, in the case of a camera, a CD or booklet user guide is often included. However, it may be dry reading and requires the immediate learning of new verbiage without much explanation.

Manual camera settings, like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, take knowledge and experience for familiarity. A beginner may not have time to seek out this knowledge online or from other photographers. And, experience comes with practice and time.

SCUBA diving in Honduras

SCUBA diving in Honduras

In response to my step-by-step tutorial on the Rule of Thirds and enabling the grid, I received surprising comments. I had thought people were simply unaware of the basics. However, in reality many readers were aware of the basics, but:

  • Did not fully understand it, nor how the grid related to the concept; or
  • They did not realize that their camera had the grid function; or
  • They did not know how to enable the grid function.
Gobi. Red Cliffs in Gobi Desert. untitled-1156

Red Cliffs, Mongolia


FREE 1-on-1 Tutorial

Like any art, photography takes practice and patience. Many photographers take photos only occasionally at home and then while on vacation. For them, achieving the art of photography is a difficult path.

To meet this need, I developed an inexpensive travel photography tutorial. In celebration of its launch I am offering FREE 1-on-1 Travel Photography Tutorials. If you are interested in a FREE tutorial, please answer these 5 quick questions. And, if you have a friend who could benefit from a 1-on-1 tutorial, please share this page with them. Click on any of the share links below or to the right.


Do you think that learning the basics of travel photography is important? Why or why not?

Let’s chat about it in the Comments section below. I read every comment, and would love hearing yours. For bonus points, tell us what your biggest question about travel photography is right now.


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