I Visited!

I visited and had a great time, for the most part. Typhoons kept me away from the beaches for the most part. However, I really enjoyed the mountains. I visited Bontoc, Sagada, and I flew to the Batanes Islands at the northern reaches of the island nation. Thank you to everyone who provided me with Phillipines information. It was so helpful!

Original Request:

I’ve never visited the Philippines before. I’ve eaten some Filipino food, but really don’t know much about the country or culture. This is your chance to educate me a little.  :-)

Here’s what I want to do. If you or anyone you know has advice, please comment below or email me. And, if you live in the Philippines, I’d love to meet up for a coffee or lunch, if you have time. (I normally use the Couchsurfing.org website for this.)

Please add your advice in the Comment section at the bottom.  Thanks a million!



I’ll be in the Philippines from mid-October through mid-November.



I’ll spend money on a few big things, like SCUBA. However, I typically travel on the cheaper end. I always stay private hotel / guesthouse rooms (no dorms, please). Since I only sleep in a hotel, I don’t like spending a lot of money on accommodation. (I’m up before sunrise and out past dark for food and photography.) I do not plan on staying at a resort. I usually try to use the couchsurfing.org website to find hosts– I really enjoy cultural exchange.



I’m PADI certified Advanced Open Water, and want to swim with whale sharks!!!! I also love coral and all other underwater animals. I hear that the Philippines is amazing, so I’m super excited for this.


Off the Beaten Path

Where should I go? What should I make sure to see? Tell me everything you know!  :-)

This is where I do most of my travel photography. I love getting into people’s homes, eating homemade food, and learning about anything to do with food and culture. For a general idea of what I did on my most recent trip, 5 weeks in Myanmar, check out my blog posts on fish or on roaming a village with tattooed faced women.

I also enjoy most outdoor activities– hiking, flying, underground. Are there caves?

(I’ve been told that Palawan and El Nido are great. And, Lonely Planet says that Puerto Galera is beautiful, plus has world-class SCUBA.)



I can’t sit on the beach (yeah– my doctor doesn’t want me getting skin cancer), but I still like visiting pretty places. Tell me  your favorite beach, and maybe I’ll even post a selfie of me on it.


What Should I Take?

It will be hot. Generally I end up buying some local clothes, so I blend in a bit and better tolerate the weather. I typically travel carryon only or check a backpack, if needed. (Everything needs to fit on a motorbike, since I often rent one for at least a few days.)



This video by Just One Way Ticket is fun to watch.


Thank You!!!

Please let me know your Philippines information + advice in the comments area below, or message me on the Contact page.

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