Dolgormaa’s family is more super-coolness than you can imagine: hilariously funny, nice and uber-helpful. You have nothing to worry about while I’m under their care. But, if you really want a concerning issue, it would be my toilet situation. I have terrible skills!


My Toilet Situation: Learning New Skills

A bad toilet situation always embarrasses me, but it’s even worse when I cause a toilet situation for others. The 2nd time I broke the toilet was a few minutes after 2 am, and it’s only my first night in their home. Oops. The bathroom is a split bath, meaning that the sink and bathtub are in one small room, while the toilet is in its own slightly larger room. The two rooms are next door to each other, but separate.

Bathroom: the bane of my existence at 2am, causing a toilet situation.

A split bath has 2 doors. One for toilet and one for shower.

After flushing the toilet at that early morning hour, I quietly closed the toilet room door and sneaked back into my bed. I listened to gurgling water for ages, and knew that my fantasy that the flush wouldn’t make too much noise had failed. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me, since my bedroom was closest to the toilet, Dolgormaa’s dad heard it, too.

A couple of minutes later (it only felt like ages) I heard his feet padding toward the toilet room and then a jiggling of the toilet handle. The gurgling water stopped. His soft footsteps back to bed were my major embarrassment, and the situation was never brought up to me. In the morning, after I broke the toilet for a third time (100% perfection at 3 for 3), Dolgormaa’s dad cheerfully showed me how to flush correctly when I gestured for help.


The Lesson

Thank goodness! I only needed 5 seconds of education, since I was simply lifting the flush handle a bit too much. Pulling the plug out-of-place, I was preventing it from plugging the tank again. That’s why the water kept running. It’s not as though anything was all the way broken, so, it ended alright. I don’t know who was more pleased that we had resolved my toilet situation. Me for the embarrassment, or Dolgormaa’s dad, so he wouldn’t worry about his toilet? Phew!

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