Comprehensive Travel Tips

I have just a few travel tips I’ve found that each situation, whether it’s getting off the beaten path in a touristy area, saving my phone’s battery, or choosing a guesthouse in a developing country. I’ve learned some tips from others, and the majority from my own trials and tribulations (or good luck!). Travel Tips Galore will give an overview of various tips, and many more are below. And, feel free to add your own tips in the comments area of any of the posts!


Visa Tips

Visa Tips – Myanmar

A tourist visa to Myanmar is required to be obtained in advance for citizens of most countries. Visa extension is a bit painful, so overstaying the visa is not uncommon ($3 per day overstay). Here is my blog post with all the details and links to the official visa application website.

Visa Tips – Europe

In order to visit the Schengen area of Europe travel insurance is required for citizens of certain countries (USA citizens get a tourist visa upon arrival, so don’t need to worry about this). Here is information on the Schengen required travel insurance from A Mary Road.


Travel Tips

Getting Off the Beaten Track

I love it when a local person shows me around. Local tours are always fun, and can be free of cost, depending on how you arrange it. Here are my resources for Tours by Locals. I hope you find them useful.

I’m not a huge fan of multi-day tours (I’m scared I’ll be stuck on a tour I hate), but I’ve found some tours that look cool!

It’s hard getting off the beaten path in touristy places sometimes. Here are my Top 5 Ways for Getting Off the Beaten Track. Here’s 7 More Tips for Escaping the Beaten Track in places from Sydney to Angkor Wat. Yes, it’s totally possible!

I love eating street food. However, I very rarely get sick. Yes, once I got really sick and it was horrible, but that was when I was eating street food nearly daily for two years. Overall, these tips for eating street food safely have served me well over the years.

Selecting a Budget Hotel in a developing country can be a bit tricky. I’ve put together my favorite tips, some of which might give you a laugh (but they’re true!!).

Tips for Your Phone

My Favorite Phone Apps, whether for finding things to see, photography, communication from abroad, or entertainment –for flights! Bus rides are entertaining unto themselves.

Saving Phone Battery. With all those apps and picture taking, you’ll want some battery at the end of the day for one last sunset shot!

Things to Buy for Your Travels

I recommend having a look at these lists, and then reviewing your closet in case you already have something similar. It’s always better to put your money towards an amazing meal than another thing to carry around, in my opinion…. Unless you’re a shopaholic. In that case, have at it! :)

A list of items you should consider packing. I wrote it as a gift guide for men and women, but I love everything in it, too. Have a look! It includes items for ease of packing, safety, and fun stuff. :)

Are you thinking of buying a new camera? Click now to view my comparison chart of camera categories, with several cameras in each category. Hopefully, this helps you choose!

Are you in need of photography gear for an upcoming trip? Here’s what I pack. 

Are you a digital nomad like Jey Jetter? Have a look at her advice on digital nomad gadgets.

I always take a backpack, because when the paths and roads are dirt, cobblestone, or stairs, a suitcase on wheels is too difficult. In Europe especially, it seems like I’m often staying in buildings where I’m required to walk up flights of stairs.


Travel Safety

Heading to Southeast Asia? Here are some Myanmar safety precautions for this place that’s super safe for tourists.

Safety First! Isn’t that what your teacher used to tell you when you ran around the classroom with scissors? My safety tips are mostly common sense, but it’s always good to review once in a while. Especially during the excitement of trip planning. Plus, maybe my mom gave me different tips than your mom gave you.

My Gift Guide for Travelers includes safety-related items like a scarf with a hidden pocket, a portable door alarm, and more.

Budget Travel Tips for Low to Midrange Budgets

How To Travel the World Affordably. Budget travel is not always easy and it’s not for everyone. And, some places are more difficult than others if you’re on a very low budget trip. Obviously, you’ll have to save your money, if you don’t have an unlimited income. However, I’ve traveled on a mid-range budget since I was a teenager.

Here are some tips and ideas for Youth Budget Travel. And, here are some for University Student Budget Travel. 

Couchsurfing Tips

believe Couchsurfing is underutilized by many travelers. It’s not just for finding someone’s dirty old couch to sleep on. I’ve had 30+ couchsurfing experiences, and only once slept on a couch, which was perfectly clean. Couchsurfing events are a great way to meet locals and other travelers. And, I’ve had lots of success with daytime hosts who show me around their area. There are so many great reasons for Couchsurfing, so I’ve written up my reasons here

It’s very safe in my experience, but has risks, like anything. Therefore, I feel Couchsurfing Safety Tips are imperative. You definitely don’t want to be in an unsafe situation.

Couchsurfing is a community. Everyone should have a great profile showing off what you can offer– why should a host choose you over the 20 other people asking them for their time and effort? Couchsurfing is a 2-way street and no one wants the horror guest. Therefore, step 1 is to set up a great profile. Here are 3 Steps for Setting Up the Best Couchsurfing Profile (without posting photos of yourself in a bikini). It takes a little time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.

Couchsurfing is fantastic if you’re not traveling since you can travel vicariously through others. Say you just got home from a trip, or can’t travel at the moment. You can meet up with or host a traveler.  I love showing off my hometown to people, and often I get a taste of their local food. Here are my 7 Tips for Finding a Great Guest. Because no one wants a bad guest– yes, I’ve heard the horror stories.

Best Couchsurfing Strategies for Travelers

Finding a Great Daytime Couchsurfing Host and Couchsurfing Events. Sometimes, I’ve already found a host whose place I can sleep at, but they’re busy during the day. Or, I’m staying in a hotel, but still want a local host.

Finding an Amazing Host can be tricky. I’ve figured out strategies that have worked well for me, even as a solo female couchsurfing.


I hope you’ve found some of the travel tips helpful for your own travels, whether near home or abroad. If you’d like to see other travel blogs, I have quite the categorized list of travel blogs going!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Comprehensive travel tips on eating street food, selecting a hotel in a developing country, saving phone battery power, and much more! By Longest Bus Rides travel blog