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Searching for a travel blog covering a certain topic? Perhaps solo, couples or LGBT travel, 4-wheel drive (4WD) overland or adventure travel? Or, maybe you’re looking for a blog written by an African American, French or German person? Or someone with a disability or food allergy similar to yours. It’s all here! Have a look for travel blogs by category by clicking an arrow to open the category.

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Travel Blogs by Category

Last updated December 29, 2015

Who Does the Blogger Travel With?

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Travel Destinations & Method: truck, bike, on foot, hitchhiking, sailing, etc.

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About the Blogger! Amount/Type of Travel

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 Travel blogs by category

Specific Interests (Consistent Blog Topic)

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Other Items Blog Offers

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Target Audience, if Not ‘Everyone’: Age / Life Stage / Budget

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More About the Blogger & Their Blog

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Business Services Offered by Bloggers

Resources for Travel Bloggers

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Bloggers Home Region: Where They Go ‘Home’ for the Holidays

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