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It’s free! To have your Travel Blog added, please submit using the form at the bottom of this page. I suggest using pencil and paper to list your categories, so you don’t need to scroll up and down too much. Spelling and formatting will be exactly as you submit it. Please, please take a moment and double-check your spelling, capitalization, etc. 

Example: a digital nomad straight couple who focuses on off the beaten path locations would appear in categories 4, 18, and 29. To see the current list for examples, please see the Blog Search page.

If you  are searching for or offering resources to travel bloggers, please use the Travel Bloggers Resource page.

  1.  Travel Type – About you – the blogger!

  2. Male solo The Candy Trail
  3. Female solo
  4. Couple – male/female
  5. Couple – male/male
  6. Couple – female/female
  7. Friends
  8. Family
  9. Overland travel: truck, bike, on foot, hitchhiking, sailing, other

  10. More than 1 region
  11. Asia /Middle East / Europe
  12. Americas
  13. Australia, Oceania
  14. Africa
  15. Antarctica
  16.  About you! Amount/Type of travel

  17. Professional travel blogger / move locations multiple times each year
  18. Nomad (paid job other than blogging): (a) digital; (b) not digital – please specify.
  19. Travel intermittently: (a) for vacation; (b) for work; (c) other – describe
  20. Living abroad – continent / country
  21. 1-year / 6 month trip (specific amount of time)

    Specific interests that are a particular focus of your blog, and you consistently post and/or educate on

  22. LGBTQIA – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and all other non-straight categories
  23. Food
  24. Fashion
  25. Health / Activities / Sports (yoga, diet, marathons)
  26. Photography (Please use this category only if your blog focuses on photography– not just that you post photos on your blog, since I think every blog has photos in it.) Please see this blog for an example: The Wandering Lens
  27. Events – please specify festivals, cultural events, etc.
  28. Nature and animals
  29. Off the beaten path places or cultures
  30. Specific country / region of the world
  31. Home region of blogger (where do you go ‘home’ for the holidays, for example?)

  32. Asia
  33. Middle East
  34. Europe
  35. North America
  36. Central America
  37. Europe
  38. Australia & Oceania
  39. Africa
  40.  Other items your blog offers?

  41. Volunteer information
  42. Writing – (a) travel writing, (b) poetry, (c) short stories, (d) historical fiction Passion Passport
  43. Suggestions for specific tours / guides
  44. Other – please specify
  45. Target audience: age / life stage bracket / budget

  46. Youth –  under 18 (a) family travel; (b) student group; (c) independent/solo; (d) male; (e) female
  47. 18-25’ish without children (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  48. 20’s-50’s Busy with work, family, etc. (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  49. 20’s-50’s solo: (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  50. Retired: (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  51. Long-term traveler (6+ months): (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  52. Vacation traveler: (a) luxury; (b) economy; (c) very inexpensive; (d) male; (e) female
  53. Non-traveler, who enjoys reading blogs on your category; (a) male; (b) female
  54. Traveler going (a) solo; (b) on a tour; (c) in a group; (d) with family; (e) with friends

    More about you & your blog

  55. If your blog does not provide your primary income, what is your job? (e.g. student, airline employee, lawyer, veterinarian, writer, photographer, filmmaker, stay-at-home-parent)
  56. What makes your blog unique? Or, why would a reader want to read your blog instead of another? Like, a great voice, doing interesting sports, or what exactly? (I’ll probably add some more categories based on responses to this question.)
  57. What is your native language, if not English? (a) English; (b) Spanish; (c) German; (d) French; (e) Cantonese Chinese; (f) Mandarin Chinese; (g) Portuguese; (h) Other – please specify
  58. What language is your blog in, if not English only? (a) 2 languages of English and ___; (b) please specify.
  59. Has a Facebook ‘group’ (not a ‘page’) for ‘group members’ to exchange information or forum on website. Examples here: Travelettes Facebook GroupThe Blonde Abroad
  60. Has a forum on the website for information exchange.

    Business services offered

  61. Consulting – (a) branding; (b) other – please specify
  62. Speaking / interview engagements
  63. Blogging courses
  64. Guided tours
  65. Press tours / destination reviews
  66. Product reviews
  67. Writing – (a) freelancing; (b) other – please specify
  68. Photography / Video

Thanks so much!!!! Travelers and bloggers appreciate this easy way of finding travel blogs that meet their interests!

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