By the time the Christian theater event for children is finished, it’s early evening. I’m exhausted from jet lag and ready to head home and to bed. Ochma tells me that we’re actually quite close to home. So, we decide on walking home instead of waiting for a bus, which may not arrive for a while. Coincidentally, she lives just one building over from Dolgormaa’s home. Highly convenient!


Walking Home – The Local Supermarket

We walk a few blocks towards home along the main road, when Ochma asks if we can stop at a supermarket. Of course! I love visiting supermarkets when traveling, as I can see all the food options and learn quite a lot about the culture.

We enter a cinder block building and walk upstairs. I don’t want to ask Ochma and possibly offend her, but I’m left wondering: Is this supermarket understocked or normal? Some of the shelves seem empty.

The meat section is a cooler with no cover, so not very cold. It’s only got a few large pieces of meat, and I can’t tell which animal they’re from, although there is a hairless head, which might have belonged to a goat. I peer into the case at it, and conclude that my best guess is sheep or goat.

I’d like to cook breakfast for Dolgormaa’s dad tomorrow morning, so I buy eggs, an onion and other items to make an omelet. I hope he likes it! I’ll add some sausage and whatever else is in the fridge. Hopefully there’s some cinnamon. I’ll have to use Google translate for that word. I hope dad knows the word for ‘cinnamon’ in German!

meat cooler. mongolia. walking home from theater.

The meat cooler at the supermarket does not have a lid or door on it. It’s cool, but not cold.

Done for the Day

I’ve had an unbelievably unexpected and fun day visiting the city and attending events. This morning I didn’t even know about Ochma was a singer, much less that I’d see her perform twice. I’m so glad that she responded to the message I sent her when I found her Instagram account. I really hope that Ochma and I get to hang out again sometime. From this mornings German food, through a dumpling lunch, visiting the department store and money changers, two events, and walking home, it’s bee a full day.

As we arrive at the apartment complex, Ochma calls Dasha from one of her cell phones and she spots my apartment building. I look at the buildings, and don’t see addresses anywhere. How do people here know where to go? What am I missing? She walks me up to my 3rd floor apartment, knocks on the door and meets D’s dad. They chat in Mongolian, introducing themselves I’m sure. I imagine they also chat about what I’ve done today or what a convenient coincidence it is that they live so close to each other. Really, I have no idea since I can’t understand a single word. I’m metaphorically transitioning back into a movie with no subtitles.

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